Efritin.com, a new online classifieds platform was recently launched into the Nigerian market at a media conference held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja. The online platform

New online classifieds platform Efritin.com launched into the Nigerian market

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Efritin.com, a new online classifieds platform was recently launched into the Nigerian market at a media conference held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja. The online platform provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange used items.



According to Mr. Babak Tighnavard, Chief Operating Officer, Saltside Technologies, “Saltside Technologies is the parent company of Nigeria’s exciting all new classified ads platform Efritin.com. Saltside Technologies was founded to build leading online marketplaces in underserved markets, creating sustainable value for the community.”

He continued that the company started in 2011 with just 4 employees but in 2015 they are now over 500 employees in Bangladesh, Ghana, Sri Lanka and now Nigeria. Their success story in each market is hinged on doing things locally and employing quality staff.”



Mr. Zakaria Hersi informed that part of their success story of doing things locally in each market gave rise to the name ‘Efritin.com’ meaning ‘Everything’ in pidgin language. He further said that Efritin is focused on providing a safer platform for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange their items. Efritin focuses on used items because of the trading culture of Nigerians, the high volume of offline marketplaces and the large economy around unused goods.

He added that the team at Efritin places high value on offering a safer platform, which is why all sellers must be physically verified on their platform within 48 hours of posting an advert before it goes live. The verification is a one-time process and the ads go live within 4 hours after verification.

Mr. Zakaria also said that Efritin has taken into consideration the stress and traffic level for moving from one location to the other and has gone a step further to provide convenience for their customers by offering a delivery service for buyers and sellers who have agreed on a transaction. The Efritin Delivery services have started operations and are delivering items under 3kg within Lagos.



Efritin.com has over 50 categories of items that Nigerians can buy or sell, from mobile phones and home appliances to property and car. Efritin.com aims to disrupt how classifieds are done in Nigeria by addressing a key issue of trust and offering the additional convenience of delivery. The tenacious and growing team is poised to make Efritin.com the number 1 online marketplace for used goods in Nigeria, where they can find great deals on almost everything.


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  1. i heard several testimonies about this efritin.com, some people who posted to the site were visited by efritin reps to check and ascertain if the products were real. they are trying to cover the loop hole olx has fallen into this is a good step. but the hope this method is sustainable and how are they going to make profit?

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