New Samsung Galaxy smartphones now available

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Samsung has published adverts in major dailies promoting four new Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy Gio, and Galaxy Mini.

This implies that these devices are now available in the country, and if you Samsung fans have been waiting for any of them, get your wallets out and go splash some cash.

All the devices run the Android OS. While Android has no official support from Google here in Nigeria and users have no access to purchase commercial apps from the MarketPlace, free apps are available, and Samsung do support their products here through their service centres nationwide.

  1. I am in Love with the Galaxy Ace (which kind of look like an iPhone) and the Galaxy Pro (But the Nokia e6 is a better offer.)

    These are for sure the phones to penetrate the lower price segments.

  2. laa! you can not gate crash in to this domain&be selling apple products.There are procedure here,wait a minute,i thought all comments moderated?

  3. Yes. I thought all comments are moderated. Official price for iPad 2, 64GB with 3G is 820 dollars. This joker is obviously joking!!

    By the way, Samsung has a deluge of Android products. But I’m waiting for the ultimate; galaxy S II.

  4. Afewgoodmen, when that Galaxy S2 comes, I bet it’ll be at least 150k. Way too steep for me. I’m waiting for my my future love to be released, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro.

  5. the galaxy s2 is it oooo.. that is presently the upgrade i am looking at after my present love with galaxy s. even if it comes out at 150k, i will wait for the price to go down to a more reasonable level and grab a unit for myself.

  6. I have the galaxyS2 and I totally love it!! I’m just havn a problem with the browser configuration for GLO..asides that…its fantastic!!

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