New scene mode for iPhone, SmartCam, coming soon

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There are several scene modes that make pictures captured with smartphones look really nice. Now, however, new details suggest a form of automatic scene detection could be coming to the next iPhone. According to reports, the same AI technology that organizes the Camera Roll will help the camera choose the best settings. The iOS automatic scene mode, or SmartCam, was uncovered recently.

According to Apple Insider, the code includes data for recognizing several specific scenes, including babies and pets, as well as sports, fireworks, and specific landscapes such as sunsets. The same report suggests that the new SmartCam automatic scene modes will recognize the same things that existing iPhones already tag to sort existing photos. However, the difference will be that with real-time identification, the camera could use that data to take better photos.iPhone SmartCam

It is unclear when the feature will arrive. However, the speculation is that the feature will be exclusive to the next iPhone, rather than one that is available with an update to iOS 11. Meanwhile, the idea is not particularly new; Sony calls it Intelligent Auto Mode, Canon has Scene Intelligent Auto Mode, and Nikon calls it Easy Auto or Auto Scene Selector. Using different sensors, the camera determines factors like whether or not a face is in the scene, or if there is motion, then chooses the scene mode automatically. Instead of flipping through scene modes, the camera chooses the option. One startup even aims to use AI to bring smarter auto settings to DSLRs.

If the feature comes with the next iPhone, it would make the native camera app better at adjusting the settings to accommodate for different scenes. This is particularly useful as the iPhone does not have scene modes, unlike a dedicated camera. As just a bit of code, users will have to consider the iOS automatic scene mode SmartCam, along with a growing list of iPhone 8 rumors for now.


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