Hey guys!! I know I’ve missed some weeks on our regular weekend rants. Apologies. This weekend we look at one aspect of technology we all

Weekend Rants: The Tech-rush Syndrome, a blessing or a curse?

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Hey guys!! I know I’ve missed some weeks on our regular weekend rants. Apologies. This weekend we look at one aspect of technology we all love. It’s good quite alright, but it still hurts us either ways. I choose to call it the “Tech-rush Syndrome”. Grab cup of coffee, enjoy and don’t forget to air your views. This is a town hall meeting 😀 Now let’s begin.

The fast pace with which new inventions happen these days has grown from interesting to scary. Really. This trend covers almost every aspect of tech. Company product launches, app updates, software upgrades, new gadgets, chips etc. They don’t live up to all the hype, and sadly, we see many promises left unfulfilled.

I’m beginning to sense that manufacturers just rush to get the latest thing out there. Just for the sake of it. (and maybe the money). They no longer sit to really test out all the kinks. Gone are the days when updates or upgrades bring wholesome changes. Creators no longer look into details to ensure what they’re pushing out is truly worth it.



The big question is: The new Tech-Rush is it a blessing or a curse? I think it’s more of a curse and to drive this point home, I’ll give instances where foreign brands got it wrong, before streaming down to the local brands we know.

The case of OnePlus

We know OnePlus as a brand that just started few years ago. Last year, they launched their first phone, the OnePlus One which enjoyed moderate success. Due to lack of funds, they sell devices only through an invite system. They quickly followed this up with the OnePlus 2. Good device no doubt. But then, they left fans frustrated. A phone launched and claimed to be available; 3 months in, and people are still waiting to buy it. This led to their CEO issuing a public apology for delayed shipments. What’s all the rush? Why not sit down and work things out before pushing out your products. I hope they don’t repeat same with their newly released OnePlusX.

Qualcomm the heating pot.

This is a very popular story 😛 The Snapdragon 810 processor can fry plantain once it’s put under heavy use. I’m also hearing rumors that even the (overhyped) upcoming Snapdragon 820 still over heats, and Samusng is helping to fix it. I ask again, What’s the rush. Why not chill and work out your tech, and test it properly before releasing. This Qualcomm case has suffered phone makers this year. Many were forced to under-clock the processors to reduce the heating. Sony (on the Xperia Z5) had to use some form of paste and cooling mechanism, but yet, the phone still heats. Sad really.

Our local brands- Innjoo

I was present at the event when Innjoo launched the Innjoo Halo and the Innjoo Fire Plus. Beautiful devices. I could swear that these guys said the phones came with Android Lollipop. It was also displayed on the presented slides, both for the Halo and Fire Plus. Later when we finally laid hands on the phone. I opened the box, lo and behold , I was seeing stock Kit-Kat. Shocked, I asked the rep why, and he replied the phone actually comes with KitKat. Also saying that an update will be available in the future? When? 🙄

Other brands

We have seen Samsung releasing flagship phones twice a year. I’m not saying Samsung phones are bad, but hey! Boys are still are still struggling to save for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we’re already hearing rumors of the S7 coming this January. Ah! Ah!! 😥 What’s the rush?

I’ve sat down to count the number of phones Infinix have released this year alone, they’re five!! I’m also hearing of another phone launch next month making it six. Haba!!

Software updates (OS and Apps)

The updates to Android always seem a lot more incremental. At close observation, you see that there’s not much difference between Android KitKat and Android Jelly Bean. Nothing much separates Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. Before you start arguing with me, do this exercise: Imagine explaining to your grand Dad in the village ,the differences between KitKat and Jelly Bean. If you can do that successfully, then come back let’s argue.

Have I mentioned software? Every day apps have updates, so many apps are culprits here, and the most annoying is WhatsApp. Bug fixes and other improvements. WTF is that?!! Can’t they lump all those updates together and release it maybe monthly? Why stress yourself people updating apps and finding there’s no difference, no new thing or feature.

In Conclusion.

The Tech-rush isn’t entirely bad, for techies, your thrills are renewed like every day. For some, that’s what keeps the blood flowing :mrgreen:

On the other hand, manufacturers, developers and the like should still dedicate more time to work out their products before launch. Look at us today, we are suffering from this Tech-rush syndrome. I still think this is a curse. Do you think otherwise? Your thoughts.

*drops mic*


  1. Tech rush is a huge curse. So many half baked tech pushed out prematurely, of which tis d consumer who suffers it in d end. Let them chill esp Sammie

  2. Foe those with money to spend, its a blessing. For those who don’t have, it could be something else. I just think tech-rush is too stressing especially for techies

  3. It’s a curse really, particularly because all the news and hype pulls your attention from the more important stuff in life if you fail to strike a balance. We get pulled by what I’d call Technolust, the desire to have d latest version of a piece of tech, software or hardware. I learnt the hard way that “as long as it works and gets you what you want, stick with it until you can CLEARLY see added value in some future iteration”.

  4. Na Facebook worse for that update issue, every two days there is an update with no new feature

  5. You’d be surprised how many people get themselves into debt for “the next big thing” in tech.

    Real techies in my experience don’t rush out to buy the next new thing. They’ll stick with the stable “old” rather than rush out and buy new.

  6. It’s only a curse if you allow yourself to be drawn in. I tend to filter stuff and don’t get too hyped up about the next new thing because they are never ending.

    Neither do I feel inclined to go out and buy because I usually know what interests me. I pay scant attention to the likes of Snapdragon chips unless it has to do with the build of the device and the market it’s aimed at.

    I tend to shut down when it comes to Android devices with few exceptions; if it’s not “see the HUGE battery on this baby!”, it’s “Blah Blah releases umpteenth device”. Like OlamideMB mentioned some time ago, that’s what has become increasingly boring about Android.

    You might also be interested to know that One Plus shot themselves in the foot with the One Plus One 2 set up. Instead of giving priority tho those who previously bought a One Plus (or more than one), they threw the doors open with nothing for the loyal early buyers. Naturally the furore vented online led to them reconsidering. They could learn a lesson or two from the folks at Pebble.

  7. Yea sammie really needs to take a chill pill.

    Never really noticed infinix was churning out devices in such numbers though.

  8. Its really damning getting yourself in debt pursuing the latest gadgets.

    Gadgets that become obsolete in about 24 months…

    I knew someone like that when I was in the uni!!!

  9. The lure of the next big thing is an urge hard to resist,with great devices being released daily it takes a lot of will to resist splurging on that ideal gadget..

  10. LOL!

    Everything is important. It is important for those phone makers to make profits too. so as much as you want to focus on important things in your own life, thats their career on the line. 🙂

  11. I personally think serious minded people wont switch devices as fast as we think they will.

    Its one thing to switch device, its another thing to switch the data on those devices.

    Its getting increasingly cumbersome keeping up with the number of devices being released. It’s like a full time job

  12. Lol… As in ehn.. Come to think of it, twas back when I was not a techy that I used to itch to change fone.. Now I pimp to my pleasure

  13. I stopped following the mad rush last year or so. It’s a rat race! I don’t care about the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy anymore. Once I need a phone I will check and buy one that gives me value chikena.

  14. Technolust sums it all up @sadiq.

    To think that the Samsung S4 still rocks better and commands higher prices than some lollipop*-out-of-box devices from other OEMs is something we should learn something about.

    A good phone that checks enough boxes in processing power, RAM , camera , build etc meets should meet the average users needs but hands on review and tastefully crafted marketing materials from these brands would advertise the new phone as the best thing after Agege bread.

    Can apps developers fix bugs with a monthly updat? YES, they can.

    As we do “technorush” let’s remember “Technolust”

  15. OlamideMB have said it all. And mobilityArena is not different. Always reporting something new. Like they are everywhere at one time

  16. it’s both a blessing and a curse, since previous comments have focused on the “curse” i’ll talk about the blessing. the techno-rush leads to fast(er) development cycles/iterations. since progress is incremental this means thhe rush is pushing the frontiers of tech

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