New @TrafficButter app offers exciting rewards to users

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TrafficButter Mobile App is a community-driven mobile App, with updates crowd-sourced from both users and the TRAFICBUTTER team in real-time. The app is the result of the merger in january of 2014 between TrafficButter (@trafficButter on Twitter since november 2010) and JonnyWaka.


The primary feature is the precise presentation of traffic updates on the homepage and the map landing pages. Other secondary features include Geo Location, Chat, Comments with location stamp for credibility on traffic reporting, and keyword search. Users can choose to follow roads that interest them, and receive notifications when there are new incidents on the roads they follow.

There is also a leader board which shows the top contributors to the app. Most exciting of all, users are rewarded for contributions to the app and to the community. Points are awarded for every contribution.

These points can be exchanged for real-life items. With our partnership with several exciting Local and International brands. TrafficButter says that they intend to enable users convert their TrafficButter Points to goods and services that they can use and enjoy. This is surely an interesting angle to the app.

The TrafficButter Mobile App is available for download for Blackberry, Android, and iOS devices. Just login to your specific app store to download and install.

More information can be obtained from the TrafficButter blog and website,

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