Pretty much everyone else is giving up – or has given up – on Windows 10 Mobile. Every other day, an app developer discontinues support.

The new Twitter Windows app is a refreshing overhaul

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Pretty much everyone else is giving up – or has given up – on Windows 10 Mobile. Every other day, an app developer discontinues support. In a surprise twist, I re-downloaded and re-installed the Twitter app on my Lumia 950 only to find a pleasant surprise – the new Twitter Windows app has been completely overhauled.

Well, who woulda thunk?! The new layout is very similar to what obtains on Android. So, I dived in to have a closer look. The app is labelled Twitter Windows app version 6.0.9. Everything is there – home, trends, search, notifications, DMs – and the are all in exactly the same spots as they are on the Twitter Android app.

The New Twitter Windows App In Use

Did I say everything? I apologise. Night mode is not present here – or at least, I couldn’t find it in all the places I searched. All the others are there – while reading tweets, you can Copy link to tweet, Mute, Block, Add tweet to bookmarks, Send via DM, Share tweet, etc.

twitter windows app discard tweet

One other difference is that when you opt to discard a tweet, there is no option to save it. Once discarded, the draft is gone.

When composing a tweet, you can insert polls and GIFs in tweets, and the new 280-character limit is in place, with a visual indicator at the top right corner of the composer screen to help you tell how many characters you have left to type.

In your Settings and privacy, you will find the usual suspects – Account, privacy and safety, Notifications, General preferences, and Data usage.

Screenshots of the new Twitter Windows app

Tapping your profile DP in the home view will give you a drop-down menu – just like you have on the Android app:
new twitter windows app dropdown menu

The new profile page looks just like the Android version:
twitter windows app version 6-0-9 profile

And, yes; the buttons to add images, GIFs and polls are exactly in the same position as on the Android app. They work pretty much the same way too:
new twitter windows app insert gifs

The new look is refreshing and brings the Twitter Windows phone app very up-to-date with the newest features enjoyed on other platforms. But I kind of prefer the more original old Windows look it used to have. See my earlier review: The Twitter app for Windows 10 is perfect!. Now, it just looks like an Android knockoff.

It looks like the Twitter Windows app is now about 98% as up-to-date as its Android counterpart. The Windows phone app has never caught up with the Android app, but it has never been closer than now in Windows 10 Mobile’s dying days. It is an odd world that we live in.

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