New U.S Department of Defence welcomes back Blackberry smartphones

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In a press release, Blackberry has announced that the new U.S Department of Defense has welcomed back the use of smartphones. If you can recall, we reported that White House were prepared to ditch Blackberries for Samsung and LG phones. This is a good development considering the renewed efforts of Blackberry to attaining profitability.

“Security is the cornerstone of BlackBerry technology, which is why we have served as a proud and trusted mobile partner of government agencies for more than a decade,” said David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer, BlackBerry. “BlackBerry believes that security should be an enabler of productivity and collaboration in both the public and private sector. The DoD approval demonstrates how highly secure mobile solutions designed to protect valuable national assets can also enhance efficiency among users, simplify management for administrators and reduce costs.”

Congrats Blackberry!!


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