I used Yahoo Messenger a lot back in the day, but I haven’t given it a thought in recent years. Yahoo Messenger was a pioneer

Trying out the new Yahoo Messenger app

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I used Yahoo Messenger a lot back in the day, but I haven’t given it a thought in recent years. Yahoo Messenger was a pioneer of instant messaging. Like many other people I know, I just sort of forgot that it still existed. I finally stopped using it some four years ago when I uninstalled it from all my devices.

This evening, I was given a heads up about a new yahoo Messenger app, and the first thing that came to my mind was the question, “Does anyone still use Yahoo Messenger?” But I dashed to download it from Play Store and found that the app has over 50 million downloads there alone. Oh wow. Apparently, some people still use it. Or maybe those numbers were mostly from downloads from a distant past.

The New Yahoo Messenger App

Anyway, I downloaded the app to my Android smartphone and dived in. Remembering my Yahoo password only took two tries. Surprise! Surprise!! Amazing that I could still remember it that easily. Next thing, I had to give up my phone number for verification and then add a photo – so any one of my old contacts still active there would know that I still use the service. LOL.

Thereafter, I was in. The new interface is fluid, but rather uninspiring. The main view is a list of my Messenger contacts. It doesn’t even indicate who is online or offline or any other info. Just a plain list. Bah. And it appears that my list is obsolete. Only one contact there – an old girlfriend of mine – has a profile picture. That isn’t encouraging. It does not seem that 99% of my old Yahoo Messenger contacts still use it. But then, I wasn’t using it either until 20 minutes ago; was I?

the new Yahoo Messenger app logo

I have typed out a “Hello” and sent to a handful of contacts. No-one has replied yet. Four years ago, I had only one active contact there. It was pretty much a ghost town then for me. No surprise that it feels that way now. Speaking of ghosts, am i the only one who thinks that the new yahoo Messenger logo is ghost-like?

Yahoo Messenger is still dead to me, it seems. But if it is still a useful communication tool for you, the new Yahoo messenger app is available for Android OS and iOS devices, as well as for Windows PC. Go download it.

Thanks for the heads up, Kay!


  1. The pet of an IM is in in the number of people using it.

    Many of us think Telegram is superior to WhatsApp technically and in features, but the actual superiority is in the WhatsApp numbers. Unassailable!

    Yahoo has been pencilled for sale to Verizon for peanuts. The deal should be concluded this month, totally obliterating the name Yahoo.

    Logging successfully into their email service is as unpredictable as basing your business on PHCN.

    Their unending security breaches in terms of email password leaks do not inspire confidence.

    Fiona tried her best, but sometimes results don’t reflect effort..

    Adieu, Yahoo


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