News Flash!! The Infinix Hot Note supports USB-OTG

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The Infinix Hot Note is a phone that has not stopped getting me amazed. We were almost done with the review when something touch me to plug in my USB-OTG cable . That’s when we discovered it can charge other devices.

A mobilista has confirmed it actually has USB-OTG feature and he sent in screenshots.

Hot Note USB OTG (3)-horz Hot Note USB OTG (1)-horz

The cable I tested it with is the one that ships with the Gionee M2- remember that it can serve as a power bank– so I’m guessing it’s cable is meant for just charging and not data transfer.

It’s high time I go get me a proper USB-OTG cable. Thanks to @andyameh for sending this in.

Note: USB-OTG means USB – On-the-Go .Its a feature which allows you to plug an external drive (for instance a flash drive) to you mobile phone, then transfer data to and fro amongst both devices. It needs the USB-OTG cable to work.

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