News Leak: Starting June, these iPhone models will no longer get support from Apple

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It’s a tradition for Apple to stop support for devices after a number of years, specifically 5 – 7 years after manufacturing has discontinued. In a leaked document sent to Apple Stores and authorized Apple resellers, Apple has stated that certain iPhone models (including other Apple products) will no longer receive support or repairs of any kind. These products are tagged as “Vintage” or “Obsolete”.

Old iPhones

The “Vintage” tag applies only to California and Turkey, where Apple is enforced by law to continue support for those iPhone models. The”Obsolete” tag refers to products that were discontinued over 7 years ago. Affected models are the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G (China), iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3GS (China), also on the list is the original iPhone.



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