Google Assistant can now read and reply to messages on 3rd party apps

Google Assistant has been able to read and reply to your text messages for a while now. But that functionality has just been extended so it can read and reply to messages on 3rd party messaging apps as well.

In a new update, the popular digital voice assistant has developed the ability to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack, among others. Reports also say that it can do this in multiple languages.

How does this work? Say to Google Assistant, “Read my messages”. If you hadn’t done so already, it will prompt you to grant notification access to the Google app. Once you do, it is able to read and reply in 3rd party apps from that point.

Then a card pops up with the last text message(s) received and reads it aloud, including the app it is coming from and name of sender. You are then given the option to type or dictate a reply. Your reply is immediately sent and the original message is marked as read.


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  1. If you asked me, I’ll say this is crazy. AI is crossing the boundaries to the unknown. I hope we won’t end up regretting what we have done in life. Stuffs like this makes life easier. Only the aftermath can be very disastrous.

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