Google Go is now available to all Android users everywhere

Google Go is a lite app developed and optimized for entry-level smartphones. It is lightweight, fast, and works even with an unstable connection and has been available in all Android Go Edition phones since 2017. Before today, it was also available in the Play Store in a few countries. But from today, it is now available to all Android devices worldwide.

Google Go is about 7MB in size, using up less storage space than the standard Google app on your phone. And it works even when your network connection is acting up. Google says that if you lose connectivity when you using Google Go, it will remember your place and even retrieve your search results for you once you’re back online.

Lite apps – lightweight apps that use less storage space and work better on slow/crappy Internet connections – have continually gained worldwide popularity. Apparently, even people in locations with fast and reliable Internet connections find them preferable over the standard apps.

What has not been said is what happens when a user installs Google Go on a non-Android Go device. Does the heavier, standard Google app get uninstalled to save space? Having both apps on a smartphone would definitely mean that more space is used up.

If you are ready to give it a spin on your Android smartphone, you can download Google Go from the Google Play by clicking HERE.



  1. 🎶🎶What shall I say unto the Lord? All I have to say is: Thank you Lord.🎶🎶
    I’ve long been awaiting this. Chai! I’m so happy today.
    Now it remains Instagram Lite.

  2. I just installed this App. Awesome! I still have the old model on my phone occupying a ‘landed area of 44MB on my phone! The good news is, the new news is,the new version can be easily uninstalled, any time.

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