HongMeng OS will be a real threat to Android – Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics is convinced that the emergence of Huawei’s custom mobile operating system, HongMeng OS, will challenge the dominance of Android OS in the smartphone market. Here is how Strategy Analytics put it:

Under the ongoing US ban, we expect Huawei would commercially launch its own proprietary operating system late 2019 in China, and extend into more overseas markets from 2020 onwards. Although Android will remain as the largest smartphone operating system over the forecast window, its dominating position will be undermined by the new Huawei OS, especially in China. Apple iOS share will dip slightly in 2019 and stabilize in 2020 and afterward.

It is interesting to see analysts say HongMeng not only has a chance but will likely do significant damage to Android marketshare. In China, there is no question about this: thanks to the “Great Wall” of China, most residents do not use Google services anyway. So, HongMeng will be an easy sell there.

Outside of China is where Huawei will face serious challenges, but then there is a small subset of mobile subscribers globally who do not like Google’s data harvesting ways and will be okay with a smartphone with no Google services. A very small subset.

Now, can someone leak a video of a smartphone running a pre-release version of HongMeng OS, please?



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