Huawei considers selling or licensing its 5G business to a US company

Chines tech giant, Huawei, says it is considering liciensing or selling off its 5G business to an American company.

Huawei CEO has been reported as saying that his company is open to sharing their 5G technologies and techniques with U.S. companies, so that they can build up their own 5G industry.

The US has banned the use of Huawei network equipment in the country. This statement by the Huawei CEO might be a way out of the face-off. Huawei is doing well in 5G around the world though, but it clearly wants the US ban lifted.

The development could be good news to the United States too, but will Chinese authorities let it happen? The US has no 5G maufacturer yet and so has to depend on other countries. The available 5G equipment manufacturers are Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, and Ericsson.

Huawei provides the most cost-effective solutions of these companies and is closely followed by ZTE.



  1. Well, I’m sure this decision does not come from the bottom of Huawei executives’ hearts. But, I see this as Huawei’s desperation to remain on US soil. It could probably due to the market factor. Maybe Huawei products sells more in US markets than it does anywhere else. And that’s what must have made the company a target.
    But seriously, I don’t see this as a bright idea. We all know US can be very cunny when it comes to issues like this.

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