Huawei is working on its Google Maps alternative called Map Kit

Huawei means business. In addition to other initiatives taken to soften the blow that the US trade ban has dealt on it, the company is working on an alternative to Google Maps. Huwaei’s mapping service is called Map Kit.

Anyone in Huawei’s shoes and serious about not just surviving but thriving would make these moves too.  The overdependence on Google’s services has become a problem and the Chinese company is looking to ensure that it can succeed with or without Google and other American services.

Right now, Huawei cannot use Google services, including Google Maps, in its smartphones.

Chinese media say that Map Kit will be developed in partnership with Russian service, Yandex, and US travel website, Booking Holdings. It will be connected to local mapping services, be available in 40 languages, and will have coverage in 150 countries and regions.

Huawei has also announced its own operating system, HarmonyOS.


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  1. Huawei is not joking at all. I love their spirit. “If you got knocked down, refuse to remain on the ground. Instead, get up and move on”. That’s what Huawei is doing.

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