Is Your Face Safe With The FaceApp? #FaceAppChallenge

Tech news have a way of expanding one’s imaginative horizon and you begin to see possibilities of a future you can’t undermine. In this article, our primary focus is the ongoing #FaceApp trend, a Russian Mobile App that can make you look old and aged in just 3 seconds. There’s already a challenge on social media, #FaceAppChallenge where people are in a pursuit to see who looks best as an old man or woman. The App utilizes Artificial Intelligence to alter faces and it’s both available for both android and iOS users.

But what about your security while using this app?

Once you click on this app and are ready to use, you would notice that all your pictures are being uploaded to the app, then you’ll have to select the specific picture you want to send in a time machine and speculations have been around the server where the pictures are being uploaded. Is it to a Russian network or we shouldn’t just worry?

To decide which flag you wanna wave, you might love to read the news here

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