Nokia 4.2 gets dual VoLTE support with latest update

The mid-range Nokia 4.2 is getting dual VoLTE support in the latest update that comes with the July security patch.

Dual VoLTE support means that users of the phone will be able to connect to two 4G networks at the same time for both data and voice over LTE.

This update to the Nokia 4.2 includes the July 2019 Google security update and UI improvements. If you do not get an automatic prompt for the update, you can manually check for it by going to the phone Settings > About phone > System update.

We have the full specifications and features of the Nokia 4.2 HERE. Read more about Dual VoLTE support here:  What is Dual SIM Dual VoLTE and why should you care?



  1. What’s really thisvoice over LTE?..Pls,In a layman’s way..
    Mr.Mo!. Nokia 4.2 & 3.2, which one is better among the two?

    1. Hi Austin042,

      VoLTE lets you make voice calls over an internet connection. Dual VoLTE lets you make those Internet calls on both lines in a dual SIM 4G phone.

      Nokia 4.2 is the more powerful and premium of the two. It also has better cameras. BUT Nokia 3.2 has a bigger screen, bigger battery and fast charging.

      Don’t ask me what Nokia was thinking. This is a headache-inducing situation.

  2. Thanks bro!. Am in dilemma bout this ish here..Bt I guess I’m gonna go for a bigger screen, bigger battery & fast charging.. Besides I ain’t a picture person cos I can remember only snapping once this yr in February.

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