Nokia 9 PureView scores poorly in DxOMark camera tests – no surprise

Nokia’s highly anticipated camera phone flagship, Nokia 9 PureView, has visited DxOMark and come out with disappointing results. The PureView phone scored an overall 85 points. The current best rated camera phone on DxOMark is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G and has a score of 113.

Here is DxOMark’s summary of the Nokia 9 PureView’s performance:

Achieving an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 85 points, the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t deliver the results that many expected after the excitement surrounding its innovative multi-camera design. Its performance is similar to two-year-old models from other vendors, like the Apple iPhone 7 and LG V30. Its Photo score of 88 was made up of sub-scores that were fairly weak across all categories, except for Bokeh where the multiple cameras delivered an impressive score of 55 points.

Autofocus was also respectable, with a score of 90. One particularly disappointing score was the Nokia 9’s Zoom score of 27. Given the promise of super-high-resolution composites from the five cameras, it would seem to make sense that zeroing in on a portion of the image would still yield plenty of detail. However the Nokia 9’s Zoom score was substantially below even the single-camera Pixel 3a.

For video, only one of the five cameras is used, so video results would be expected to track similarly to other, conventionally-designed, cameras. Except for a solid score of 87 in Stabilization, though, the Nokia 9 put in a weak performance in all the other Video categories compared to other current model premium phones, delivering a Video score of 80.

We are not surprised here at MobilityArena. The Nokia 9 PureView is good at what it does – leaning more towards being a professional camera, and that isn’t what mobile consumers are looking for. The Nokia 9 PureView belongs among the 4 types of phones that most people are not likely to buy in 2019.

To have a good grasp of what the Nokia 9 can and cannot do, see this article: Nokia 9 PureView camera: What it can & can’t do

If Nokia wants to sell a flagship in great numbers, they need to create a top grade cameraphone that matches and beats what the competition offer to consumers – not to professional photographers.



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  1. This is not so good for Nokia. Sometimes I wonder maybe if Nokia had stuck with their Symbian OS things might have been much different. Who knows. With this test results, Nokia might end up incurring some debts over this as a result of bad sales.

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