Oppo introduces first under-display camera – with a caveat

We have seen under-display fingerprint scanners and it was only a matter of time before under-screen cameras showed up too. OPPO is belling the cat by introducing the first smartphone with a camera located under the display. However, do not get too excited about it.

An under-screen camera is a great way to avoid the mostly unsightly notches seen on the displays of many modern smartphones. And hopefully, we can do away with swivel and pop-up selfie cameras too. Simply put, an under-display selfie camera is the path to the perfect, notchless smartphone screen experience.

Looking at OPPO’s Under-Screen Selfie Camera (USC) smartphone, you find no selfie camera, no motorized camera, no pop-up camera, no notch; all you see is screen. Little would you know that the camera is actually underneath the screen layer, which gives users the chance to use a full screen without any distortions.

OPPO Mobile had earlier teased the first under-screen camera in a recent video, but the company’s Vice President, Brian Shen, asks everyone not to expect too much by way of image quality. The camera will be shooting behind a layer of glass afterall. And similar to the way the first in-display fingerprint readers were less than satisfactory, the first generation of under-screen cameras will need time to mature too.

But we are 100% for this. Bring it on, OPPO. Here is the demonstration video:


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