Stop press! Facebook wants to rebrand Instagram and WhatsApp

Don’t ask us why anyone at Facebook wants to rebrand oth Instagram and WhatsApp, but they do. Facebook thinks it is a good idea to rename them to “Instagram by Facebook” and WhatsApp by Facebook”, so everyone knows that Facebook is the shizzle.

Wich is…errrr…odd. One, for apps that thrive in an age of shorter words, the new names are longer and clunky. No-one is going to ever use “WhatsApp by Facebook” in a regular conversation. If this short form generation have their way, they’d probably rename WhatsApp to Wazup. Shorter. Cuter. Sillier.

And everyone already calls Instagram “IG” – again, shorter and cuter, though not so silly. “Instagram by Facebook”? Get the *blip* out of here. This development is the kind of thing dislike buttons were made for.


One comment

  1. Yeah. You’ve got my vote on this. I’m talking to the writer of this piece. Facebook is just trying to show off. He (they) want(s) people to know he also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. I think this is his motive.
    I just hope those in charge of Twitter wouldn’t decide to the App to Zuckerberg later. He will kill it.

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