WhatsApp fingerprint unlocking is on the way for Android users

When WhatsApp fingerprint unlocking is enabled on your Android smartphone, you will be required to use your fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. It keeps your messages away from prying eyes and busybodies.

Android phone users will soon be able to unlock WhatsApp using your fingerprint, thanks to Android’s biometric authentication APIs. If that sounds like a mouthfull, it means that you don’t have to worry about Facebook storing and/or using your fingerprint when you enable it for WhatsApp.

You see, Android’s biometric authentication APIs stores your fingerprint securely on your phone, and not in the cloud. So Facebook – which has been known to bungle and take advantage of user data – has no access to it.

The new WhatsApp fingerprint unlocking is already available to beta testers. There is no information about how soon it will get to regular WhatsApp users, but it shouldn’t take too long. iOS users already have this feature.



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  1. Really? I’m a beta tester too. Lemme go upgrade my app see how cool this would be.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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