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In this week’s MobilityArena NewsCap, we bring you news of Nokia and the UK smartphone market, Transsion’s march, upsets in India and China, as well as Apple’s juju that continues to defy the industry norm.

The UK smartphone market and Nokia

The UK loves Nokia smartphones. The brand is the third-place runner in the European country where Apple and Samsung hold sway. HMD Global shipped 8.5 million Nokia smartphones in 2017. The brand also clinched same number 3 spot in Indonesia, number 4 in Russia, as well as number 5 in India.

We wonder what the picture is in other traditional Nokia strongholds like Nigeria, South Africa, and the Middle East.

TECNO Mobile, Infinix, and iTel are Selling

Meanwhile, Transsion’s brands – TECNO Mobile, Infinix, and iTel – shipped over 10 million smartphones globally in Q1 2018. Transsion continues its strong march forward. iTel became the biggest mobile brand on the African continent in 2017.


4G feature phones (and Xiaomi) causing a ruckus in India

In India, the smartphone market stood still while feature phones doubled over the last one year.What is behind the growth of the feature phone market in India? 4G feature phones, friends; 4G feature phones.

We told you so; didn’t we?


But while the smartphone market in India isn’t expanding, Xiaomi smartphones are, with the brand commanding about 30% of the country’s smartphone sales. Somebody else’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner is being eaten there, surely.

China is on ice as Xiaomi flexes

The Chinese smartphone market is choked. It experienced its biggest decline over the last one year. Many phone makers there are struggling for air, and some scrambling for international markets. And Xiaomi was the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand. It also holds that position in both China and in India.


The world catches a cold

And yes, mostly because of China and India (see earlier tweets in this thread) , the global smartphone market has recorded a 3% decline from last year.


4 out of 5 Apples

And Apple’s juju is still strong. You already know Apple makes the most profit in the industry. Of the five top-selling smartphones in February 2018, four were iPhone models. Proper Yoruba demon Jazz. That is what Apple has.

That is it on this week’s mobile news round up. Not a bad week in mobile. Meanwhile, What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Interesting one, Mr Mo, you are definitely our eyes in all round the world in terms of news on smartphone markets. We really do appreciate your work and efforts. Happy Weekend

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