The next Apple Watch might have LTE connectivity

Posted by EmmyCN

Sometime earlier this month, reports surfaced that the next Apple Watch release would include an LTE version. However, it now appears that the device will come in both an LTE version and one without LTE. Apple of course has not made any indication that the design of these Apple Watch models will be any different from previous models. In fact, it was rumored that the new Apple Watch will be in its usual two sizes, which are 38mm and 42mm.

Apparently, the new models of the Apple Watch will also use an eSIM instead of the physical SIM. The cellular connection, also, may only be used for data transfer.

According to Bloomberg, the cellular Apple Watch will have LTE connectivity. But it will not offer 3G connection. this would severely limit the device to certain markets.  This little tidbit of information had already been forecasted by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

Furthermore, in June this year, Apple announced that new watchfaces can update based on time of day or location. these would be launching later this year. Also, the company stated that it would release a Siri watchface, which could show relevant content. A constant connection would surely facilitate these updates. For example, users could leave their phones and still be able to use Siri and respond to iMessages.

Funnily enough, these reports never ruled out services like Skype and FaceTime for calling. But then, this will simply be another loss if the cellular Apple Watch cannot handle calls. Also, despite the possibility of boosting sales for the Apple Watch, Ming-Chi Kuo does not believe that Apple Watch will gain Android compatibility this year. Some have suggested adding LTE, which could make the Apple Watch more independent from the iPhone. This would be a step toward making the Apple Watch more compatible with Android.


In the meantime, if Apple does not change, the next Apple Watch, which should be out alongside the latest iPhone, may have LTE.



  1. The word there is “might” when the Apple Watch with the LTE connectivity is available let me know ASAP

  2. They should just make it compatible with android devices already. Not a fan of apple though.

  3. Good news for apple lovers and buyers as the next apple watch that will be released will have LTE connectivity

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