The next iPhone 7 will come in 3 variants: See what they look like

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We are all anticipating the next set of iPhones, and common sense tells us that it will be name the iPhone 7. It might shock you to learn that Apple might be planning to release (not two but) three spanking new phones. The iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the 7 Pro. See leaked images below:


The above image tells us that the phones share similar design, but differ in size. A look at the back side also reveals a significant camera bump. The iPhone 7 Pro looks like it would carry dual camera lens. Apple recently acquired a firm (LinX) that specializes on using a unique software algorithm to produce high-quality images from small sensors. Hence we are expecting to see very improved camera performances from these phones.


Be rest assure these phones won’t come cheap, so we wait to see and learn more as days go by. Note that this is a leaked image and may not necessarily be what will show up on launch day. Below is a close look at one of the iPhones.


What do you think of these new iPhones?



  1. Let them be released first and then I’ll have an opinion. Photos, renders and rumours of any device doesn’t do it for me.

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