The next iPhone’s curved edges might be just for show

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Apple is set to release its 10th anniversary edition range of smartphones. These devices, according to a report by Japanese website Nikkei Asian Review, will have OLED displays with curved edges. However, these screens will not be as curved as those of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

IPhone 8 curved edges

The site reported that although the curved screen will have a viewable area of about 5.2 inches, the curved edges will not offer any special functions.

Furthermore, the report noted that the challenge of making curved glass coverings to match the screen might be a reason why the iPhone 8 screen won’t be the same as the S7 Edge screen. In any case, Apple has not released a statement concerning this news. So, we can cross fingers and wait till September, when Apple will release their 10th anniversary edition smartphones.



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