When last did you come across a new gadget that really caught your interest. To be honest, NextDock is first tech to get to me

NextDock is one interesting piece of tech you should look at

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When last did you come across a new gadget that really caught your interest. To be honest, NextDock is first tech to get to me since the turn of 2016. What is this NextDock? It is a laptop that harnesses the productivity of smartphones, tablets and mini PCs by adding a Bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery and a 14-inch screen.


Basically, this laptop has no processor, therefore it is powered by whatever you connect to it. As bare bones as this might sound, there a whole lot of ways you could apply and use this laptop. Here’s a compiled list of all the ways you could use NextDock:

  1. As a Continuum Device : You can connect your Continuum enabled device to this laptop, and take advantage of the new Continuum feature. Using the HDMI port you connect your device directly to it without the need for extra hubs and ride along.
  2. As a Secondary Screen for your Laptop: You can also use NexDock as a secondary monitor for your laptop to set up a multi-screen workstation.
  3. As a Raspberry Pi Laptop: You can connect to a Raspberry Pi computer to this device and create a very affordable full-size laptop. You could also connect the likes of the Remix PC and achieve same results.
  4. As a bigger display for tablets and phones: With a full-size keyboard and screen, you can connect your tablet, and essentially get a bigger screen to work with. It can also serve as a bigger screen for your Android or iOS phone. Watch movies or TV shows, and also play games using your phone as controller.


How Does This Work?

All you need is a cable/adapter that supports HDMI-out from your device. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth to use the keyboard and touchpad. Take it like you’re connecting your smartphone, tablet or mini PC to your TV or monitor.

Here are the Specs for NextDock:
Dimensions & Weight: 351 mm x 233 mm x 20 mm, 1490 gr
Display: 14.1 inch 1366*768 Screen
Keyboard and Touchpad: Bluetooth class 4.0
Battery: Li-ion battery, 3.8V / 10000mAh
HDMI port: mini HDMI
Connectivity: 2x USB port, 1 x TF card slot, 1 x 3.5mm headphone port, built-in dual speakers
Power: DC 3.5mm 5V/2.5 A

This device will cost $150 when launched this June. But you could pre-order it now for $119. Check the source link for more information.


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