NicePlayer Music player, for fans of card-styled layouts

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There are lots of music players for Android. However, each of them has a specific attribute that others might not have. This means that if there is a specific attribute you need in a music player, you can find one somewhere. NicePlayer is specifically for people that like a clean card-style layout and have all your songs readily available. Everything is just here and ready to be played.

For fans of Google card-centric user interface, NicePlayer is going to be fun to use. The music app arranges everything in cards. Each album gets its own card, and all your albums are arranged in stacks. When you pick a specific album, it gets drawn out of the stack, and when you scroll down through the list, it opens them all for easier viewing. Clicking on an album brings it back into focus and the track list pulls out from under. This makes navigating through songs a fresh experience.NicePlayer

NicePlayer automatically scans for music on your device. It also comes with an inbuilt file manager for picking out anything missing. This part of the app is quite robust; the file manager supports playing files directly and importing files. Also, you can use the music player as your primary means of accessing your music. The only drawback here is that it does not show album art in the notification drawer. That’s a minor drawback I’m sure that most people can do without.

This app is great for people that like a card-style layout, otherwise it is just as good as any other music player. It does have its advantages, like the easy navigation and the inbuilt file manager. Also, the app is completely free, which has to count for something. NicePlayer is available on the Google Play Store, so go ahead and check it out. Who knows, you might like it too.

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