• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Nigeria & 40 Other New Countries and Territories Get Access To Amazon Appstore

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Amazon has opened up its appstore to 41 new countries and territories, including Nigeria. This brings to 236 the number of countries and territories in which users can now access the appstore to download and shop for apps. From Amazon’s official statement:

This expansion represents an opportunity for Amazon developers to target new areas in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, including some of the most populous and connected nations in the world. Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey are just a few examples.

This is good news for mobile users in these locations who want a Fire smartphone, as well as for BlackBerry 10 users who will be getting the Amazon Appstore built into their devices soon. Here is the complete list of the 41 new locations:

  1. Algeria
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bahrain
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Brunei Darussalam
  6. Burkina Faso
  7. Chad
  8. Djibouti
  9. Egypt
  10. Eritrea
  11. Gambia
  12. Guinea
  13. Indonesia
  14. Jordan
  15. Kazakhstan
  16. Kuwait
  17. Kyrgyzstan
  18. Lebanon
  19. Malaysia
  20. Maldives
  21. Mali
  22. Mauritania
  23. Morocco
  24. Niger
  25. Nigeria
  26. Oman
  27. Pakistan
  28. Palestinian Territories
  29. Qatar
  30. Saudi Arabia
  31. Senegal
  32. Sierra Leone
  33. Singapore
  34. Somalia
  35. Tajikistan
  36. Tunisia
  37. Turkey
  38. Turkmenistan
  39. United Arab Emirates
  40. Uzbekistan
  41. Yemen



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3 thoughts on “Nigeria & 40 Other New Countries and Territories Get Access To Amazon Appstore”
  1. REALLY???
    So when shall we be getting the rest? You know, like buying books (Hard, Soft or KINDLE, anyone?), electronics, appliances, vouchers, etc – the really good stuff.

    Apps? Got iOS or G.Playstore for that. This offer from Amazon: not good enough.

    Total BS.

  2. Alec,

    You can buy hardcopy books.

    I have been doing so for the last 5 years,
    and I have them shipped to me here in

    Yes, 5 Years.

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