Nigeria: Blue is for TECNO; Red Is For Huawei

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Two years ago, one was almost pretty certain that Huawei were going to take the smartphone market in Nigeria by storm. They launched the Gaga phone in partnership with Etisalat, then they just sort of fizzled away. Now, if you remember how TECNO hit the ground running to push their phones, you will understand the implications of this photograph:

Huawei on Buildings

Yes; with ever increasing visibility in market places all over the country, Huawei is clearly trying to replicate TECNO’s success. There is no denying that Huawei has churned out some really interesting Android and Windows Phone smartphones in recent times, and at good prices too – prices comparable to what TECNO is offering.

The Samsung versus TECNO face-off is about to become a TECNO versus Huawei slugfest. However, this is set to be a proper brawl out in the open where everyone can watch. Just imagine the skyline with red and blue clashing everywhere you turn. Yes; blue is for TECNO and red is for Huawei.

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  1. I’m not sure I like that red colour so much but what matters more is the actual smartphones coming from the company than their chosen colour. Again, it is my opinion that Huawei need to compete more on the price front to really stand better chance of taking considerable market from Tecno in Nigeria and maybe Africa in general. The Nigerian and by extension African market are very sensitive to price and those going for names already know the names that rule in mobiles.

    We certainly need more competition in the low and midrange devices because Tecno are already feeling a little big.

  2. In terms of quality and aesthetic it will be akin to Flash calling Superman out (flash here being Tecno even if flash’s costume is red).

    Huawei (hoo-ah-wey, who-are-wee? Which please) devices are usually pricey and they seem more focused on churning out the thinnest smartphone. Nevertheless Tecno’s best offerings doesn’t come that close to Huawei, price aside.

  3. So long as the customers are the ones smiling at the end of the day due to increased competition, I couldn’t care less although that red reminds me more of the now defunct V-Mobile than it does of Huawei

    @Khene – Lol. I believe its pronounced “Who-wey” although my brain seems to call it “Hawaii”. I may be wrong 🙂

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