Will Nigerian mobile subscribers get data grace period?

There is a news report that Nigerian mobile networks have been directed to implement a 14-day data grace period so that subscribers who are unable to exhaust their 30-day plans within the validity period for one reason or the other get extra time to use up their remaining data.

Nigeria data grace period

A ThisDay report yesterday quotes a representative of the Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Professor Umar Danbata, at the Consumers Conversation Forum held in Minna, Niger State thus:

“NCC has mandated all network providers to give their subscribers 14 days of grace after the 30 days expiration of their data if they still have data left and cannot recharge to get their data rolled over,”

14 Days Data Grace Period: Yay or Nay?

We asked around to see what people think of the idea. Naturally, subscribers are ecstatic about it. A respondent’s reply summarises the pulse of most others:

A step in the right direction, but not a long enough step.

If my call credit remains until I use it, why can’t my data subscription also be there until I deplete it, even for tẹn years?

Meanwhile, the network operators are not as excited. Operators have been complaining about loss of voice and SMS revenue to OTT services. Implementing a grace period of this sort means that they will bleed even more. As said before, it must be hard being a network operator at this time in Nigeria.

In the meantime, there has been no independent confirmation of this. We checked the NCC website and Twitter handle for confirmation, but neither has any record of the directive published. We wait for confirmation or denial of this bit of news. But we will get to know soon enough. All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open for notices from our network operators.

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