Nigeria is the world’s most mobilised country – Opera Mobile Report 2016

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Opera has released a State of Mobile Report for 2016 and the results are very interesting. This report sheds light on the opportunities and challenges seen with the use of Opera’s services in Africa. The company already boasts of 100 million users online. We sifted through the report, and gleaned out relevant information for you:

Opera Mobile Report

Opera Mobile Report Highlights:

  • Nigeria is the most “mobilised” country in the world, ahead of South Africa and India, with 76% of internet traffic going through mobile.
  • Between 2011 and 2016, smartphone penetration rose by 121% from 7 million to 15.5 million. Opera Android users grew by 5,379% in the same period.
  • Opera users on Mini and Max in Nigeria saved approximately $280 million worth of data costs in 2016.
  • As of June 2016, Nigeria has 16 million Facebook users, and 70% of them access Facebook through Opera Mini.
  • Android users make up 42% of overall Opera Mini users.
  • Nigerian, Kenyan and South African Opera users collectively saved data equating to over half a billion US$ in 2016.
  • By market share, Opera is the top mobile browser in Nigeria with 71.8% users. This is followed by UC Browser (10.47%), and Chrome (5.6%).

We also discovered that Nigeria lags behind in mobile application usage (at 19%). Other African nations like South Africa (31%) and Ghana (28%) are leading. Meanwhile demand for  TV and Video content consumption is high in Nigeria with 57% of Nigerians yearning for it. Interested folks can download the full Opera Mobile Report here.


  1. Interesting metrics…

    Nigeria is the most “mobilised” country in the world, ahead of South Africa and India with 76% of internet traffic going through mobile.

    This could be linked to the state of electricity in Nigeria. A smartphone could last more than fifteen hours OK a single charge… No laptop can, and no desktop PC works without electricity..

  2. I agree to that, even smartphones can be used everywhere due to it small when compared to laptop.

    Laptops which last that long are not popular in Nigeria, due to the cost of such laptops.

    From the review also, lot of people use either java os or symbian phones with opera, if you andriod opera usage, you could get the value.

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