Nigeria Mobile Phone Report 2016

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Here are all the key facts and figures about mobile phone usage in Nigeria in 2016. Of note in this Nigeria mobile phone report is the figure for active unique users. The practice is for total mobile subscription figures to be bandied about. However, it is common knowledge that individual users often have multiple lines and internet connections.

The NCC says the active 223 million as at August 2016. That is higher than Nigeria’s population of 180 million. The question is, how many individuals own those 223 million lines? Plus, do businesses who own active lines count? Certainly not. Have a look at the statistics for 2016 broken down into figures that individuals and organisations can use to plan.

Nigeria Mobile Phone Report

Nigeria Mobile Phone Report 2016

  • 223 million active mobile lines
  • 52 million unique mobile subscribers (that’s 29% of the total active lines)
  • 97 million active mobile internet connections
  • 30 million unique mobile internet users
  • 22 million active smartphones (many of those smartphones do not have an internet subscription and in other cases, the users don’t care for apps)
  • 48 million mobile phones imported
  • $3.5 billion in imports
  • 80-85% of Nigerians online access the Internet through their mobile phones
  • 33% of mobile users reside in five states: Lagos, FCT Abuja, Ogun, Kano, Oyo
  • Lagos accounts for 13% of total mobile subscriptions

If you have an aversion for hype, please ignore all the noise and overblown figures being thrown about everywhere about mobile/smartphone/internet users in Nigeria. This is a country where the top downloaded bank, news and e-commerce apps have less than 5 million downloads each. And for a country that is hugely religious, the top church/religious apps are struggling to clock 500,000 downloads each.

Take the above figures I have provided and work your business plans and projections around them. Thank me later.

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