In Nigeria, MTN begins 4G LTE trial

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On the heels of the acquisition of Visafone, MTN Nigeria has kick-started trial runs of its 4G LTE network. 4G LTE (fourth generation long term evolution) is a technology that provides broadband internet to mobile subscribers. This announcement of the MTN 4G LTE trial is an indication that subscribers itching for the service do not have too long to wait before it becomes commercially available.


MTN 4G LTE trial

Restricted Trials

The official statement from MTN claims that the test run will “be available for now for only Visafone customers, currently provisioned on the 800 MHz band”. We are not sure how this pans out because we are aware that MTN has been migrating subscribers off Visafone’s platform for a while now to pave way for the 4G LTE launch.


For How Long Will The MTN 4G LTE Trial Run?

Other 4G networks available to mobile users in the country include Smile and Ntel. There is no information about how long the MTN 4G LTE trial will run.

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  1. Any other details about this? Checked online but not much info too. Anyway, I’ll go pop in my ex-Visafone SIM when I get home and see if any magic will happen.

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