Nigeria Now Available on Google Maps

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Finally, those of us with GPS enabled phones in Nigeria can now at least put them to use, albeit in a limited way.

In the past, most navigation applications that run on GPS enabled devices didn’t come with support for Nigeria and that included the widely popular Google maps. But that has changed now with the release of the latest version ( of Google maps for s60 devices.
Google maps loaded the map of Lagos when I launched it and it pinpointed my location.
Features like getting direction from your current location to a new location are currently not working, but we can expect that with further updates of the software more and more features will have support for Nigeria.
In case you are itching to see your street on your phone, move over to on your s60 browser to download the software. And don’t forget to give us feedback of your experiences and impressions.


  1. I have been using Google Maps on my phone since early March.just as u ve said, it always show my location on d satellite view of d map whenever i launch it.what i enjoy most on it is d STREET will show u a 360 degree view of a selected location. It is even more useful now dat we ve got Naija on it.

  2. I am having trouble downloading this app. I keep getting a “no reply from gateway” error message. I have no trouble browsing or downloading my mail. I use the glo direct service.

    I would be grateful for any help.



  3. Enjoymentman, the problem is definitely a network problem. My advise, keep trying to download the app.

  4. may have to abandon it…….still getting the error…..will try to fund the .sisx file…..

  5. Enjoymentman, before you give up on it, a question: are you able to download other apps? For example, attempt to initiate a download of these two:

    1. Gmail for mobile
    2. Opera Mini

    I know it is likely that you already have those apps on your phone. But attempt the downloads to see if you get the same error. If the downloads start properly, simply cancel.

    Expecting your feedback.

  6. I was able to download opera mini without any trouble…I’m keeping it as I don’t have it. Btw I found the google maps .sisx file and was able to download it but I would like to get to the bottom of this recurring “no reply from gateway” problem…….it seem it occurs when I try to download apps directly from google servers using links like… etc.

    What do you think?

  7. Enjoymentman, you said:

    .it seem it occurs when I try to download apps directly from google servers using links like… etc.

    My sentiments exactly, which was why I asked for you to attempt those other downloads. Glad you found the installation file.

    By the way, the URL is wrong. The correct address is i.e. without the www prefix.

  8. Thanks Yomi. I have it up and running. I was tagging some of the places I visited today. Ikoyi and VI seemed ok but was in Ago Iwoye later in the day and while it could offer co-ordinates, there was no map or I did not wait the 10 minutes I felt it would take to download…….still trying it out……It does not have street level maps does it?

    Any one know when Nokia maps will include Nigeria?

  9. It does not have street level maps does it?

    Nope. The regular maps are not quite comprehensive enough yet. we’ll have to wait a while for street level views and such other candy.

    Any one know when Nokia maps will include Nigeria?

    I don’t. And honestly, as it presently exists, Nokia Maps is almost 100% useless to us here.

  10. each time i try to download from the google link it always ask for my moblie number and it leaves +1 as a prefix which for america and i cant edit it to +234 so how do i go about it downloadinh it here in nigeria?

  11. Note to the general public: According to a close-source at Nokia,. Nokia Maps is currently under construction for Nigeria and will be launched in a few weeks time; possibly in conjunction with the launch of the N97 in Nigeria (between middle and june’s end);and not mention the Ovi Store (which is already available,though not really tailored for the Nigerian environment.)

  12. simply great.pls how can i upload on ma has google maps but i dont no how to use it.

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