In line with its strategy of connecting the next billion, Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phones manufacturer has unveiled its most affordable mobile phone to

Nigeria takes the lead as Nokia's most affordable phone, Nokia 103, is launched

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In line with its strategy of connecting the next billion, Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phones manufacturer has unveiled its most affordable mobile phone to date – the Nokia 103 in Nigeria. Nigeria is the first market to launch this new device, which is designed specifically for people buying their first phones.

The Nokia 103 is targeted for people looking for an affordable and practical phone that gives them the essential experiences needed to help them progress economically and socially, without compromising on design and quality.

Apart from its fresh look, durable anti-scratch cover and anti-dusty keyboard, the Nokia 103 is designed with long lasting battery life – 27 days standby time and up to 11 hours of talk time. Other features include built-in flashlight, FM radio, speaking clock and MP3 grade ringtones.

The Vice President Nokia West Africa, Mr. James Rutherfoord, said the choice of Nigeria as the lead market for this device underscores the importance of the Nigerian market and the need to empower millions of Nigerians who are yet to acquire a mobile phone.

Nokia is the only company providing mobile devices to people in virtually every market of the world, across economic segments. Of the world’s 7 billion people, 3.2 billion don’t have a phone yet due largely to economic constraints.

According to Mr. Rutherfoord, “Nokia has been progressively lowering the entry barrier to the market while continually increasing the capability of our devices and delivering phones with contemporary fresh designs”. Nokia is committed to helping to mobilize the next generation – the next billion and beyond – and ensure they have access to the advantages of mobile technology. With the Nokia 103, Nokia is making mobile connectivity a reality for lower-income consumers.


  1. For d phone to make any inpact …it must go for atleast N1200-2000 cos we already have cheaper phone that have d same quality with less price that goes for N2000-2500 ….just an advice

  2. @gcfr. What phone are you refering to? Is it new? I must say i have never heard of a phone in nigeria that cost 2k to 2k5 onless used.

  3. Good one, Nokia. In spite of their brilliant high-end phones, they still haven’t forgotten the low-end customers. So how much will the phone go for in Naira? N1500? I’m curious.

  4. Does anyone else find it funny that they claim the title of ‘world’s most affordable phone” but fail to quote the price tag?
    Was that meant to be a joke or what?

  5. @Belfox
    It’s not surprising that the price is not announced yet, since Nokia doesn’t sell phones directly. That’ll depend on the distributors eventually.

  6. I’m waiting patiently for the price! Dear Nokia, please remember that ‘china’ phones are everywhere, so I hope you have taken that into consideration too. Dual sim or single sim?

  7. Come to think of it.Even china phones cöst not less than N3500. If nokia can sell this phone for N2000 or N2500 max to end users, demand will exceed supply. I hope they are reading this oh.

  8. Each time one feels a profound sense of despondency about Nigeria, you simultaneously hear cheery news That punctuate all the murderous gloom.

    If Nigeria and Nigerians will learn to take themselves more seriously, the international community will accord us our true pride of place!

    We have seen cdma phones costing around $10 – $15.

    It will be interesting to see how much this would go for. A phone for everybodi- even my eight_year_old!

    Kudos to Nokia!

  9. going by the current foreign exchange rate where one (1) euro is equal to 207 Naira (official rate) that would make the phone cost about 3312 Naira or 3360 Naira at Bureau De Change rates.
    Nokia only needs a supply channel like an Operator to back this phone like Etisalat did with those ear-heating, headache inducing phones, or like MTN with the lyte, vybe phones. Perhaps that might bring the cost of the phone to 2000 or 1500 if network locked.

  10. Why did Nokia choose Nigeria for this one? If they really have us in mind, they should also launch the Nokia 808 here first in Africa. I hope this is not a Greek gift. Anyway, Nokia is my brand any time.

  11. Hmm. No price tag? I expected Nokia to spell out a price in black and white for this novel phone. It would be a good gift items to nieces. And some friends too.

  12. @mark

    i bought one LG Phone for my lil cousin sometimes ago abt 2yrs now at ikeja and it goes for N2500 brandnew with case and d phone is even color screen… There are some cheap motorola phones like c113 that goes for as low as 2000-2500 with good battery life… There are some nokia phones that goes for 2500-3000 Not to talk of sum cdma phones that goes for 1500.. These phone are even less down 10$ in us… If u need them u can contact me o hehehehehe i wil show u d way

  13. But Nokia is best when it comes to these types of phones.

    Did this glendaROBOT scan Mark’s comment
    above? (robots can not read)

    Oh, i forgot. Robots get programmed with an idea, and they can not process other external input extraneous to that..

  14. Does the phone have a “Memory Card”? LOL!!! Just kidding, nice one from Nokia though but why now? Am i the only one who feels demand for such low end phones is actually on the decrease or does anyone else share my sentiments?

  15. Eye.bee.kay:

    You have no idea how much the phone will cost. I just posted a useful link instead of ignorantly guessing the price just like what you are doing.

    You are calling me a bot, thank you for that. I am a bot who use google and the internet a lot better than you do.

  16. I love this post….nice one nokia… To Eye.Bee.Key…chill man….person dey big pass something…haba

  17. I doubt if I can use this type of phone again. It better not cost more than N1,000

  18. Nokia 100 already cost 3000naira and some crazy sellers will even give you 2800, if this phone is too go big, max has to be 2k.

    Plus MTN, Glo and the others, should give this phone for free and lock it to their network.

  19. The is made in india, it goes for b/w N2600 and N3000. I bought one on friday

  20. The is made in india, it goes for b/w N2600 and N3000. I bought one on friday.

  21. The phone is made in india,and it goes for b/w N2600 and N3000 in Ikeja computer village. I bought one on friday.

  22. Ha! Very funny.
    When there exist the awesome Lumia 900 & 800, the one Nokia see as worthy of throwing to Nigeria is the remarkably lowly 103. Very funny.
    We must be so poor we can’t afford good phones, eh?
    I’ll buy some 103 and parcel them to Nokia’s headoffice as a sign of my goodwill.

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