Nigeria in top 10 internet users list, thanks to mobile

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Nigeria internet users

Back in 2005 when Yomi Adegboye published his famed article, Mobile Data: Bridging The Internet Divide In Africa, which was later republished here on Mobility. In that article, he argued that mobile internet was the leverage that Nigeria and indeed other African countries needed to bridge the digital divide.

Today, years after mobile internet began to be pushed heavily, Nigeria is in the top 10 internet users group globally. Nigeria currently has over 60 million mobile internet users, accounting for about 95% of internet users in the country. With those figures, Nigeria has more internet users than countries like UK and France.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), China currently has the largest number of internet users, and is followed by India. In third place is the United States.

Those who remember the situation in the year 2000 can understand that this is no mean achievement. Nigeria was very close to the bottom of internet users list back then. As the Nigerian government continues to pursue its affordable broadband policy, hopefully there shall be a further increase in internet users, as well as internet penetration.

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