After blazing launches, Nigerian 4G networks have began to embrace the poor quality of service that ISPs in the country are generally known for. Using

Nigerian 4G networks embrace poor Quality of Service

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After blazing launches, Nigerian 4G networks have began to embrace the poor quality of service that ISPs in the country are generally known for.

Using wireless internet connection as your primary means of internet access in Nigeria requires that you have a healthy dose of patience and long-suffering. If you do not have this essential trait, you just might end up a stark raving mad person. The service tends to work fine right after launch before rapidly deteriorating later.

It seems to be an established pattern regardless of what network is involved. Let me give you two recent examples.

Ntel 4G

When Ntel first launched in Lagos, coverage at my office in Ikeja was poor. If your smartphone or midi had exceptional reception capabilities, you got one bar steadily. Once in a brief while, it strays into two bars. But it was usable. Subscribers got 4G speeds there.

Fast-forward to date and the story is different. Coverage has not improved. Neither has it deteriorated. But good luck trying to use Ntel 4G for anything serious at that location. You will get speeds in the range of 200 Kbps. Useless.


When MTN launched 4G service shortly after Ntel’s entry, it worked well both at home and at the office. This is months later too and the story has changed. At the office, I get full 4G signal but the connection doesn’t work. At home, I now no longer get a 4G signal. Either way, the MTN 4G network is currently useless to me.

Nigerian 4G Networks: Same Old Issues

As mentioned earlier, this pattern cuts across all the operators. If it isn’t happening now on your mobile network, just exercise patience. A customer service nightmare will be with you shortly.

Subscribers have been complaining about these issues for years. Nobody seems to have been able to figure out how to deliver great quality of service to users without a deterioration setting in. Nobody. And that sucks badly. The more things change, the more things stay the same.


  1. Can’t but laugh at the statement below.

    “”A customer service nightmare will be with you shortly.””

  2. Problem with most of them is capacity. More and more subscribers are added but no corresponding increase in infrastructure capacity. NCC is not helping either. Unfortunately for subscribers, They are looking the other way.

  3. I recall a comment on a “4g article” on this site where someone was pointing out to you the logic behind launching 4g when they are yet to get 3g right. Don’t quote me but u came across as saying the worst of 4g will be better than present 3g. That person should pls come and serve you your words o, make you chop abeg.lolz.
    Those of you in Lagos should keep rocking your 4g. We aren’t envious “yet”

  4. Hi Deji,

    They are welcome to serve me my words. The QOS issues that 4G subscribers are facing are same as 3G subscribers face. I am typing this on a 4G network at 37 Mbps. Still way better than any 3G connection.

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