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It’s very impressive to see indigenous Nigerian companies embrace tech and incorporate one or two things into their operations. Transport company, Good Is Motors (GIGM) have an Android app running. The app was ideally made to for booking travel tickets and more. We downloaded the app, gave it a go, and here’s our thoughts on it:

To be honest, I was taken aback after discovering that a typical Nigerian business man would invest into an app for his transport business. Bless whoever came up with the idea. The app is actually easy to use. The graphics is just there, and from on the onset, you can easily access the menu items: Home, Our Schedule, Terminals, and Contact Us.


The “Our Schedule” section allows you to check the various terminals and the locations they travel to. The “Terminal” section shows you where different branches of the company is located. Lastly, the “Contact Us” page allows you give feedback, lay complains or drop suggestions to the support. (See screenshot below)


Booking a bus is very straightforward. Once you select the option, you can fill in your location, where you’re headed to, your preferred departure date, and number of tickets. You can also choose to hire a cab for yourself from the “Hire” section. The next screen then shows you available buses and their times of departure.


After picking your choice, you proceed to select your preferred seat number. The next page allows you to fill in your details as a passenger. From there, you proceed to pay using a Verve or MasterCard.


In conclusion, I really appreciate the fact that these guys actually set out to make an app for their transport service. With the app in place customers can easily book travels from the comfort of their homes. I really commend GIGM for making this happen.

I also noticed their attention to detail. The app covers all their services and all their branches nationwide. I sure hope that their customer service acts promptly within 24 hours as they stated. The graphic elements in the app sure needs improvement, but we know anything is possible with an update.

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  1. Anyone can do an app if they put their minds to it.

    For me, all too often there’s a disconnect between what the app offers versus real life experience of the service. Let people in various locations actually use the service and review it; then we can make an informed decision beyond the polish of the app.

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