Nigerian govt ordered 53 gold iPhones for 53rd independence celebrations?

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Dubai-based businessman, Amjad Ali, runs Gold and Co., a company that specializes in supplying gold-finished devices to rich customers across Russia, China and the Middle East. Gold and Co. offers real gold finishing, stripping the units down and then plating them in copper, nickel and then pure gold.

Real gold iPhone

Ali claims to have received an order from the Nigerian government for 53 gold iPhones to mark the country’s 53rd year of independence anniversary next month. “We will engrave them with the coat of arms, a shield and two horses,” he is reported by The Independent as saying.

I shall leave you, our dear readers to comment on this bit of news. But do head over to The Independent to read the full story: Yours for up to £50,000: The REAL gold iPhone 5S outshining Apple’s new release. Toodles!

  1. If this is true, then I commend the government for their sense of fashion.

    Very appropriate too, yeah, in a country flowing with vinegar and sour grapes.


  2. Lol. I am waiting for some or any of the following:

    * A government spokesmen to either refute the claim or make up some story as for the phone being “for the people” or something similar.

    *Said government to feign cancelling the order.

    * Trying to sneak the phones into the country undercover

    *Photos of the gold iPhones being eventually leaked to the gossip blogs and dissipating elsewhere online.

    I shall sit and sip my Fanta in anticipation.

  3. Now, if you go back and read the article, it says a Nigerian individual has ordered 53 gold iPhone 5s, not the Nigerian government.

  4. De governor has nice idea to his just that is a huge amount of money but he know reason why he did so…..keep it up governor…..

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