Nigerian star boy, Wizkid, ditches MTN for N120m of Glo’s pie

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This isn’t exactly about phones, services or apps, but it is some drama that involves telecom giants and an artiste. So, what the heck? Let’s gossip a little!

Popular Nigerian artiste, Wizkid, says that he has ditched MTN Nigeria and refused to renew his contract with them. The youngster has instead chosen to sign up with Glo, a move that will earn him a cool N120m. MTN Nigeria has confirmed this information by releasing a statement that says Wizkid and a few others won’t be MTN Ambassadors this year.

Speaking of which, how many Wizkid fans read Mobility Arena? Talk to me, boys and girls! 😉


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  1. Way to go dude. Life’s too short so, enjoy it while you’re still alive Wizzy.

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