A Nigerian Start-Up has developed a mobile app for sending SMS across all networks in Nigeria for as low as N1.50. The Java based application

Nigerian Start-Up Develops Mobile App for SMS

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A Nigerian Start-Up has developed a mobile app for sending SMS across all networks in Nigeria for as low as N1.50. The Java based application is portable and runs on most mobile phones (Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry etc).

The solution has been optimized for Nigeria as it uses very small data bandwidth for sending SMS and manages latency issues. This is a pocket friendly application for communicating with friends and family at a time of rising costs in the nation.

Users can download the application for free at www.joggesms.com/mobile. Registration is needed on the website: www.joggesms.com

SMS credits purchased can be used on the web or in the mobile application.

The first 100 registered users get 10 SMS free. There is a referral program that credits your account with each purchase of 500 units made.


  1. A welcome development indeed as it will go a long way to crashing down sms charge by mobile network operators.

  2. The payment options is limited only to recharge vouchers… Me think there should be more flexible payment options

  3. I successfully registered and was given 10 free sms. I sent an sms (via their website) to my phone which was delivered IMMEDIATELY! My first experience: impressive & very encouraging.
    Yomi, pls is their mobile application not compatible with Sony Ericsson Cedar? I downloaded it to my SE cedar handset but can’t successfully login. Pls what’s the problem?

  4. @tee: it really sends sms using your data connection. It is so light that the SMS sent (group or single) consumes so little data such that your phone credit hardly decreases. While testing, we sometimes see SMS sent for free or at 5k debit to your phone credit. It was optimized for the African networks.

    @Viktordayo, Thanks for the subscription. Please try logging in again. We tested with a lot of Nokia phones. We didn’t test with your Sony Ericsson Cedar. It might just be because of a data network congestion. A retrial would help.

    @Biola129: We have Bank payments and Online Payments as well. We would appreciate any other suggestions.

    @kay123: Many thanks. Highly appreciated.

    @Jikong1: Many thanks. Highly appreciated.

  5. Wale, I understand you’re the owner of joggesms. Can you please drop your number so I can ask some questions. Thanks.

    Good development by the way.

  6. I’ve tried it and it works like magic. Pls the developer of this program should explore other payment options eg via sms. It world go a long way for acceptability and usage especially with this era of atm fraud.

  7. And finally. Pls what are the terms and conditions for the use and purchase of the sms units. These details are absent on your website.

  8. @Harry, Sir, please would you prefer dropping a mail at info@joggesms.com

    We would definitely take it from there.

    @Chineduace, thanks for the T&C line. We would update that as well. Basically, the credits are usable on the web and mobile application.
    It is a first from JoggeSMS. So simple, so smart.

  9. @Kay,

    We are working to make payments quite easy for our users so that the service can be enjoyed easily. The first preference for this is online secure payment that would allow you get the credits all at a sitting. But, that isn’t working as we thought because of some challenges by some banks.

    To that end, we are allowing our subscribers pay in the Bank. (GT Bank) and send us the payment details and we would allocate the units into their account. This is a less preferred option for us anyway.

    Currently, we are on a drive to get partners distributing our vouchers.


  10. I now av the details on the joggesms site but I’ve discovered that the Jar app keeps failing after every use and i have to reinstall over and over. I use a nokia e63, what could be wrong ?

  11. Go to the app settings on your phone. You can do that by selecting the app, select settings, scroll down to app access and change all the settings to ‘allow’ or ‘ask once’. After that you should not have any problem. The app works. I had that challenge initially till i changed the app access. The developer should pls hurry up with payment options before we start loosing interest. Though the pay via GTbank has been offered, it’s still cumbersome… But it’s a great app. Well done guys.

  12. The problem still persists,
    Once the app prompts ”connection reset by device..”
    That’s the end, I have to uninstall and reinstall again.
    In the alternative, a joggesms wap site should be developed, so data would be saved.

  13. Thanks Kay & Chinedu,

    The details of the GT Bank payment is on the website.

    We are working on signing up a lot more re-sellers.

    We do have an online payment module through e-tranzact and Interswitch but it hasn’t gotten the expected traction, therefore we are concentrating on the recharge cards.

    Appreciate all of your feedback.

    We count it a privilege to have you patronize us among so many others.

    There is something equally exciting that is cooking and soon we would ask our current users to have a sneak peep at it.

    Upon completion, we would launch the mobile site too.

    Keep sharing your unique URL with family and friends and get free SMS units.

    JoggeSMS….so simple, so smart.


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