Will you be willing to pay tax on calls you make, text messages you send, or even on your browsing data? The Federal government is

On Nigerians paying Tax for Calls, SMS, MMS & Data

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Will you be willing to pay tax on calls you make, text messages you send, or even on your browsing data? The Federal government is considering a bill called the Communication Service Tax CST bill. This is what the Minister of Communication, Bayo Shittu, disclosed recently at an event.


The bill seeks to levy 9% on telecom subscribers while they use the various communication services. This covers voice calls, SMS, MMS, Data and even Pay TV Stations. At an event organised by LCCI (Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry), the Minister insisted that the bill is subject to further deliberation, before it is vetted by the President.

A long list of people (including me) are against this paying tax bill. The bill is considered, because it will generate more revenue for the Federal Government. On the contrary, this will negatively affect the Nigerian telecommunications sector. The country is experiencing tough economic hardship. Increased taxation will reduce the consumption pattern of consumers. What do you think of this move by the Federal Government? Your thoughts.



  1. Do they want us to pay this tax so they can use the money to buy bulletproof cars or what? I don’t understand anymore

  2. Now, I am thinking of what Nigeria is actually becoming.. Everything has a fee that has to be paid and after deducting what they asked to be deducted we don’t still see where the country to heading too

  3. They want to generate tax on Pay TV and mobile telecommunications, but what exactly will they use the money for? What accountability has there been from the Federal – or even State – governments with regards to the taxes they have already collected?

    It’s almost like they’re playing into this idea that certain things will only be the preserve of the monied. How is a tax going to help the bread seller with a feature phone if the taxes in existence already don’t? I will accept in other countries tax is paid on these things, but Nigeria isn’t currently in a position where there is a proper functioning tax system, so why add more rot on top of existing rot?

    First, the telcos get fined. Now they want to tax the one thing that reaches every part of Nigerian society that isn’t out of reach. Maybe they want that reputed quote by Senator David Mark to come true, that poor people don’t need mobile phones?

    Get the basics right, then the government earns the right to tax these things, not this slap dash, ad-hoc money generating lazy approach. For the longest time government has been looking for a way to get a piece of the money-generating action of the telcos, and this is the best the good Minister could think of?

  4. actually Col. David Mark’s comments were about landlines when he was Minister of Communication

  5. God help us remains my prayer point. if the telecoms accepts the tax, then am sorry for them. no more calls until we meet. so, they do better protest that awkward idea from this cruel government… #WhatACountry!!

  6. Replace “landlines” with mobile phones” in fact, just replaced the alleged quote with “phones” full stop!

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