Features 5.5HD screen, Dual front speaker, 3D Dirac Stereo, 4000mah Infinix Mobility, Nigeria’s leading smartphone brand announces the launch of the hottest smartphone of them

Nigeria’s first mobile cinema smartphone unveiled: Infinix Hot 5 & HOT 5 Lite

Features 5.5HD screen, Dual front speaker, 3D Dirac Stereo, 4000mah

Infinix Mobility, Nigeria’s leading smartphone brand announces the launch of the hottest smartphone of them all ‘Infinix Hot 5 & Hot 5 Lite’ themed #MyMobilecinema.

Unveiling HOT 5

The new smartphone is from the Infinix Hot series product line, which has continued to deliver unbeatable success in Nigeria and other African markets. The new Infinix Hot 5 and Hot 5 lite offers the best mobile entertainment experience with its key feature 5.5HD screen, dual front speakers at the top and bottom of the smartphone with 3D Dirac stereo surrounding to boost sound.

The Infinix Hot 5’s speakers are inbuilt to project quality sound with the movie-perfect 5.5HD screen to enhance users mobile movie experience. The Hot 5 retains the original HOT series cool design with a redefined unibody metal frame and a sleek bubble back cover in beautiful colors such as Apple green, Bordeaux red and other fun colors.

Hot 5 image

Other HOT features prepacked in the Infinix Hot 5 include 4000mah battery, 8 rear + 5 front mega pixel camera, 16GB ROM expandable to 32GB, 2GB RAM, XOS 2.2, Fingerprint scanner and it is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat.

Infinix Hot 5 was crafted for mobile entertainment compared to its predecessor Infinix Hot 4.

Comparison Table for Infinix Hot 5 vs Infinix Hot 4

comparison infinix hot 5 vs infinix hot 4

The new Infinix Hot 5 will retail for N37, 500 and Infinix Hot 5 lite for N32, 000 both versions will be available on the 30th of August, 2017 on Jumia.com.ng and at all Slot retail outlets nationwide.

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  1. I’m not too enthusiastic on this Hot series, I think the upgrades are few and far between from the Hot 4 and Hot 4 pro.

    Only if the price is kept at an arms reach then I can understand

  2. Nice phone with lovely features, perfect smartphone one can present to a special person as a special gift. Battery size capacity is really one thing I like most about Infinix devices, which some other big brand don’t have. The things I expect Infinix to change, is the look of their menu and icons design.

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  4. Hello Suleiman,

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    Love the blog, thanks

  6. oboy infinix will never be tired of making new phones,they know what they are doing so as to consume people’s money.

  7. I love infinix products. There’s something sleek and unique about their features

  8. oboy infinix will never be tired ofmaking new phones,they know what they are doing so as to consume people’s money but the only tin is that their products are good and has a good quality.

  9. Nigeria is ripe for a new smartphone manufacturer . To shake things up just the way Infinix and the likes did a few years ago.

  10. So glad to be a member of Mobility Arena, the way you break things down about new devices on this site really suits me a lot. No other site could ever do better than this. I reall appreciate your work here.

  11. Suleiman,

    Thank you for your response.

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