Nintendo’s mobile game Miitomo is here… and it’s already popular!!

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Sometime ago, we told you that famous game maker, Nintendo plans to launch smartphone games. The app itself is not even a game, but more of a messaging app. Miitomo as it is called, has surprisingly gained a huge number of users.

Phonearena reports that the game has hit over 100 million users after just 3 days of launch. Crazy right? You may wonder what has made this app so popular. Here’s a bit of explanation on how exactly Miitomo works.

You simply create an avatar called a Mii, then dress it up, and give it a personality plus a voice. Users then send messages to others using their own Mii. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases that lets users buy differentiated clothing and accessories for their Mii. From the look of things, it looks really addictive.

The app will still be launched in other countries, USA, Canada and UK inclusive.


  1. Maybe just maybe coming from Nintendo many mistook it for the promised mobile game..

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