No BB10 update coming; BlackBerry PlayBook is dead

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BlackBerry PlayBook

I was tempted to keep my Blackberry Playbook and not sell it off months ago. Why? There was the hope that the tablet would be updated with BB10 OS once released. I really would have loved to experience BB10 on the PlayBook. The BlackBerry CEO did promise that a BB10 update would be available for the PlayBook. That promise has now been broken. News coming in is that BlackBerry 10 OS will not be released for the PlayBook. Why? BlackBerry CEO, Heins is reported to have “said during the call that his engineers were unable to get a satisfactory performance on the slate with the new OS.” Sad. But having sold mine off long ago, I am spared the heartbreak that hundreds of thousands of hopeful PlayBook owners are experiencing right now. The PlayBook is dead. It is history.

RIP PlayBook.


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  1. “said during the call that his engineers were unable to get a satisfactory performance on the slate with the new OS.”

    I didn’t know that the BB 10 OS was that resource hungry… but then again am willing to put down some money a wager that BB10 tablet is coming soon

  2. I very well remember Mister Mo criticising something about people saying so so device or platform is dead simply because it’s lost market share. This is exactly what you just did

  3. Saiddigge,

    You need to hone your perception skills. Let me assist:

    1. PlayBook has sold very poorly in almost two years, having negligible (read: next to zero) marketshare. This is not a device with 60%, 40%, 20% or even 10% marketshare
    2. BlackBerry CEO says tablets are a bad business model, indicating they will no longer pursue tablets
    3. Promised BB10 update for PlayBook canceled

    Sorry. PlayBook never sold profitably, and never had even 10% marketshare. The PlayBook cannot lose the market share if it never had any. The PlayBook is dead. QED.

    PS: Well, except the BlackBerry CEO does a u-turn on his pronouncement about tablets being a bad business model. Or he gets fired and someone else does.

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