No Budget: iPhone 5c is a sidekick (or sidechick) to iPhone 5s

Posted by Mister Mobility

Yesterday, Apple announced two iPhones for the first time ever – the flagship iPhone 5s and the slightly cheaper iPhone 5c. Both the 5s and 5c have the same 4-inch 640 x 1136 pixel display and 8 MegaPixel camera. The similarities end there. The 5c is made of polycarbonate and comes in a range of bright colours. That’s something off the pages of Nokia’s Lumia, if you ask me.

The iPhone 5c costs $549. That is almost N90,000.00. Yes; this is no budget smartphone. The “c” might really just stand for costly. Basically, the 5c replaces the older 5 in the market (which Apple is discontinuing). That’s all. Still, it must count for something. There are iFans who will be glad to have more options in cost and in look and feel.

In summary, there is no budget iPhone. The 5c is not cheap or affordable in any way. Those who had been getting excited at the prospects of an affordable iPhone need to let it go now. What Apple has done is given its fans options. The iPhone 5c is no more than a sidekick (or at best a sidechick) to the iPhone 5s. Think of what the Nokia Lumia 820 is to the Lumia 920, and you have an accurate picture. The iPhone 5c is not a Lumia 520 or even 720. Not by a long stretch.


  1. Mr Mo, I think you missed it a bit, the iPhone 5c is truly the cheaper phone for Apple to make. when Apple talked about a cheaper iPhone, they meant cheaper for them to build.

    Apple started a buy back program for the iPhone 5, one they get the phone back, they strip off the old casing and strap on the new colour plastic casing and sell as the new 5c.

    So that’s what v they meant by cheaper iPhone I guess.

  2. I wonder how the Chinese for whom the iPhone C was designed will take the pricing.

    The cannibalization trend is going full blast in Apple kingdom.

    The Cupertino snub is taking a big gamble. Time will tell the consequences.

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