“I had no idea it would work” – Jason Njoku on Break Digit Show

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Jason Njoku on Break Digit Show on TWOtv Network
Jason Njoku on Break Digit Show on TWOtv Network

Africa’s Web Startup Giant and Founder of iROKOtv, Jason Njoku, sits for a heart-to-heart talk with Roberta on Break Digit Show (BDS). On the show, Jason reveals what led to starting iROKOtv and his road to fame.

In a section of the video clip, he said:

“I had returned from the UK to see people glued to their TV set watching Nollywood movies. I realised also that Nollywood movies were inaccessible in other parts of the world, so I decided to upload the videos online. Initially, we had no idea it would work. I had no idea it would work. I just assumed that somebody has to explore it”.

While everything looked rosy at face value, Jason talked of the challenges he faced, the growth and the future. He also dished out some advice to those longing to start a web company in Nigeria. It is an amazing webisode guys. You’re going to love it!

Watch the full interview below:


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  1. I love that Iroko TV haven’t just tapped into a crucial gap in the market, but are going from strength to strength.

    From subscriptions to suit you, different methods to pay, selling DVDs via the likes of Amazon, and now you can download and watch offline.

    Their service isn’t only available in Nigeria but globally. Having dealt with their online customer service, maybe they could teach our telcos a thing or two.

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