No More Blurry Mobile Photos?

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Tell me the end is near for blurry mobile photos, and you’ve sure given me something to smile about.

You see, I like photography, actually love is the word. I think if money wasn’t a factor, a phone’s camera would be the first thing I consider in making my choice of a mobile device.

I can’t stand phone cameras that transform a living being into one from the mogue. My response is always ”did the manufacturer really have to include a camera on this device?”

Ok, this post isn’t about me and my love for photography, its about a new technology in flash.

A swiss electronics manufacturer STMicroelectronics has said it’s got the solution for taking perfect pictures with a mobile phone, in low lights. This solution is a new kind of chip for controlling LED flash.

The chip STCF04 has been produced with a super capacitor, and STMicroelectronics is stating a claim that this super capacitor will allow phone flashes to rival xenon flashes found in handheld cameras

This chip allows the flash to produce 40W burst of light, which is a really big improvement to the 2W of power most LED flash produces. This additional power will produce a flash equivalent in brightness to an outdoor security floodlight.

STCF04 is light weight, measuring 3mm per side and costs £1.25.

My opinion: I think this is small enough and cost effective to fit into today’s phone even those in the low budget range.

Will this chip see early adoption?

Is this the end to blurry pictures and the beginning for better pictures on mobile.

I just want to see wacky cameras scraped. What’s your take?


  1. There are smartphone cameras that still take ugly or blurry pictures in the broad day light. This is not elixir for poor quality pictures from today’s smartphone cameras but will certainly go a long way in improving the quality of photographs taken in poorly illuminated areas for phones that have good camera sensors.

  2. will the extra power require more battery while taken shots in the dark? If so, it may not be so desirable. Well, why not? we won’t be taking pictures in the dark all the time.

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