No new Symbian and MeeGo apps from January 2014

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With the recent announcement of a Microsoft takeover of Nokia, it should not come as a surprise that Nokia will be discontinuing support for new Symbian and MeeGo apps from January 1, 2014. Symbian used to be the world’s number one smartphone OS by far. MeeGo was the original planned replacement for Symbian. Though MeeGo gained popularity among Symbian fans, Nokia dropped it for Windows Phone after the current CEO arrived.

From what I gather, both Symbian and MeeGo apps already existing in Nokia Store will still be available for download by users. Also, developers will still continue to get paid when their existing apps are purchased. However, developers will no longer be able to publish new apps or update existing apps in the Store after January 1 2014.

In my opinion, January 1, 2014 is the real burial date for both Symbian and MeeGo. RIP.

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  1. ** Just checked for the word “symbian” on all my electronic dictionaries.

    ** Gone to my paper one, and drew thick black lines over that word.

    How are the Elops succeeded!

    Now that burning platform has turned to cinders.

    Adios, Symbuan !

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