I had an interaction with my friend and fellow blogger, Femi Bankole, yesterday morning. He wanted to know if Mobility would be a part of

No! Not Another “Tech” Blog!

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Mister Mo

I had an interaction with my friend and fellow blogger, Femi Bankole, yesterday morning. He wanted to know if Mobility would be a part of a survey of the new mobile number portability system in Nigeria. In the course of that interaction, he listed the number of Nigerian tech blogs that had agreed to be a part of the survey. They all had the tag “TECH” in their brand names. Here:

TECHcabal (run by Banks himself)

Besides the above, here are other Nigerian tech blogs, and the trend is the same:


Last but not the least is TECHloy. I brought TechLoy up last because it was a pioneer of the “tech” branding and so stands out from the others. TechLoy is a smart brand name and has been successful. Is it that the others saw the success of TechLoy and simply decided that by adding “tech” or “tek” somewhere in there, this would work for them too? Or, is there no deliberate effort to brand in such a way that stands them out?

I don’t know. I’m just asking. It just all seems too bland to me. Some of those blogs are run by people who are my personal acquaintances, and I apologise for any discomfort that this blog post causes you. However, I hope that you can see my point and sit down to rethink your brands. Some of you need to rebrand. Thankfully, Otekbits is already working on that. Splendid! If anyone on the above list also needs to rebrand, it is TECHnessivity. That name is tough to spell, sirs.

I believe that each tech blog has a role to play in our ecosystem, but it’s time we start paying attention to branding too. Can we get creative, guys? The names don’t have to be complex, sound geeky or even reflect tech at all. Let’s come up with trendy names – names that can be hyped and played around with. TechLoy, which everyone else appears to be aping consciously or unconsciously, is trendy and smart. It has a nice ring to it. But -cabal (yes; you, Banks!), -nessivity, etc….? Sigh. I’m done rocking the boat. Forgive me, guys, but hopefully you can see how your blogs can do better with more spunk to their names, and how the industry can get more vibrant. I love you all!

Meanwhile, I’d hate to see someone come up with MoTech. Or God forbid, TechMo. YomTech? TechYom? No please; not another “tech” blog!!


  1. Pelumi,

    On a lighter note, “trends” does sound a lot like “tech” :-p

    But of course, you are correct. Nice to see you around. Cheers.

  2. Every. Word. Is. True.

    But do I feel discomfort? Not in the slightest.

    However, I must point out something that you also know, and only too well. Coming up with trendy names that have an available dot com…tech or sans tech prefix…is a tall order these days. You either have to be very lucky or very rich to snag a sensible dot com. Contrary to what some might think, TechCabal wasn’t the “inspired” choice it might seem. I spent a long time on GoDaddy trying all kinds of weird combinations before I happened on it. And frankly, I’m not a fan of ccTLDs and domain hacks…I’m trying to build a brand from scratch, and I don’t need an added handicap from something like .com.ng. You eventually took that route, but that was only after years of building considerable audience traction via mobilityarena.com.

    In the end, content, not names (except the obviously bad) is what matters and will differentiate. Because like the now tired saying goes — content is king.

  3. Lol @ “Ape”…the name techsuplex was coined (not by me) close to 10 yrs ago, and when the owner donated the name to the blog, I accepted. The by line tells some of the story…but it’s okay if some don’t get it. Let’s just say, some of us enjoyed our wrestling growing up :D.
    I’m pretty sure you won’t forget it after today though. 🙂

    P.S. I only discovered techloy…months after my blog was up.

  4. Supersanusi,

    Wrestling? I always wondered why the “suplex” part. Interesting history. And thanks for chipping in. Cheers, sir.

  5. Banks,

    Good insight. Yes, coining a good internet brand name is tough these days. We early birds had it much easier.

    Always appreciate your contribution. Cheers.

  6. This is the SUB of the year… I might just go and register Motech.com. so Mr Mo can buy it from me in years to come. Nice article sir

  7. You know, I actually do agree with this article and what @bankole said about domain names being unavailable. We were actually thinking of rebranding at some point in the future, but again, the problem with domain names.

    What I don’t agree with is this: “Is it that the others saw the success of TechLoy and simply decided that by adding “tech” or “tek” somewhere in there, this would work for them too?”

    To answer your question, for us, no. We actually brainstormed and came up with the name long before we found TechLoy. We even launched months before it.

    Yes, our name is complicated and quite a challenge to spell, but one must admit, it does make us memorable in a sense.

    And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  8. Mr Mo,I pity your family (lol) If you were in the military …. I feel you. Are you a choleric? sometimes I suspect peers think you are acidic,but your frankness and good heart are a plus for you.
    But seriously all this Tech something. cons, what do they really do. Till date,when I Google up tech related issues your mobility comes up,I dont see all these tech generics

  9. There was this friend that formed a company he called UJOLON!

    Say what?

    On enquiring how he came about such an obtuse name, he said they wrote a computer program that eventually threw up “UJOLON”


    I agree with the TechCabalistiQ view that the name is not the real McCoy (people will get used to it) – it is what the brand is about, and what it delivers.

    That’s all that matters.

  10. Can we have less “tech” blogs and more tech biz going forward, please? Because in the end, the goals of tech blogs are to cover tech biz, innovation and related stuffs. If we now have more tech blogs than the biz…Then another problem will arrive.

    When I started blogging(webtrendsng.com) and running events, the aim was to inspire people to actually start tech biz and bring innovation to the market. I have stopped blogging for sometime (over a year now, may start next month though)but i’d liked us to have that in mind even as we blog. Inspire people to start tech business, then you have more stories to cover(Then you can get better pay from Adsense and the likes).

    10 million Naira isn’t cool; you know what’s cool? 2 billion+ Naira tech startup! They are springing up daily in Naija…inspire or start one!


  11. What’s in a name in branding? Guess, myself is a living witness to what a super unique name can achieve. In fact, all the accolades I’ve gotten so far on my lil’ blog seems to be opined on the name. Great article once again, Mr. Mo

  12. I hope my site name rocks? naijatechground.com. So sorry, I’ve not been having enough time to work on the blog. I ran a brand intensive multimedia outfit. I hardly had time for personnal stuffs. Anyway help me check out the site, if my branding is on point.

  13. The Verge, The Next Web, Techcrunch (throw in Techradar and Techdirt as well), Mashable, ReadWrite, Engadget, Gizmodo….

    Hmm, so what I’m hearing here is that there was some kind of creativity that threw up tech in the title and – again I’m guessing based on what I’ve read here – from that, there were few other options that didn’t include tech that wouldn’t generate any/enough attention or state what “the brand” is about?

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